Who are we?

We, the cbl electronics AG, develop innovative digital electronic products for music lovers. With these, we offer DJs and music lovers all over the world the opportunity to show their entire competence and to live out and realize their ideas. Our customers' creativity and activity came to the fore in our business. cbl electronics inc. is an start-up company which participate in the market since 2003. Our founders are convinced of their invention and made their dreams and visions come true by founding cbl electronics inc. Thanks to organisations such as CTI and the HTA Lucerne (University of Applied Science, Technics & Architecture) which supported us intensely we were able to build up this company. Commitment and inventiveness were other important factors to let this dream come true. The will to offer an exclusive product to world's DJs propels us.

Which values and ideas do we stand for?

cbl electronics inc. and the entire team sticks up for innovation and functionality in order to satisfy our customers at the best. We wish to simplify business and private processes. cbl electronics inc. means to out customers reliability, innovation and cleverness. Our instinct for customers’ needs and wishes is part of our distinctive customer orientation. One of our principles is not only to assure closeness to our customer but also to be on our customers’ side. Furthermore the music itself is close to our hearts. Affinity to music is inhere to humans as much as the affinity to language: no culture on our earth lives without music. One of our values is the luck, created by music and passion.

For whom do we work?

Zino Davidoff once said he did not do marketing but only loved his customers. Our customers are our most important potential. On the one hand they provide us with inputs for our activities and on the other hand they benefit from our services. We regard our customers as partners, who we maintain a cooperative, close relationship to. Our aim is to create positive commemorations and impressions with the help of our products: enthusing friends, audiences and customers with music and fascinating atmosphere. Thereby we achieve customers’ loyalty.

Whom do we wish to welcome as partners?

Our business associates are dear to our hearts. Due to our partnerships we work more efficient and customer-orientated. We establish and maintain relationships and agree on common targets. Continuous exchange and two-way consulting stabilize our partnerships. At any time we are open to new partnerships which create a benefit for both sides. Reliability, honesty and confidence are the decisive values, which our partnership are based upon. Our foresights are positive.

How do we work?

Our entire team feels constrained to our customers and centres them permanently.

How do we deal with each other?

As a team we are on familiar, straightforward terms with each other and team up efficiently and supportively. Team spirit and performance creates new energy for upcoming challenges. A committed team enhances motivation and affords a basis for customers’ satisfaction.

How should new employees be?

Creativity, commitment and reliablity are main elements of our team spirit. As a growing start-up company we are looking forward to taking on staff members who are trustful and dynamic.

How do we learn?

Our customers provide us with important impulses improving our R&D activities and our range of services. Our engineers use their skills and inventiveness energetically to optimize our portfolio continuously. Strategic and operative mistakes are accepted as those and avoided henceforth. We are convinced that we are on the right path on the long term. Our learning process is one of the most relevant processes to survive in highly competitive markets. Finally good performance gains recognition.

How do we measure our success?

As a customer and service orientated company two factors help us measuring our success : satisfied customers and enhanced range of services.


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