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How customers and editorial staff evaluate our products, October 2006, users' rating, November 2006: rating of editorial staff, November 2006: "The user-friendly surface of e-mix reminds of real hardware and allows an quick access in the world of music mixing. Thanks to auto mixing feature, "home edition" is perfect for bars as well. Moreover an external control panel is available, but "home edition" runs by mouse click as well." Author: Robot, October 2006: average users' rating, October 2006: "Very good mixing software. Mixer, database and many players. All in one.", Author: MixIt1, October 2006: "I'm a newcomer regarding mixing and found many features, mixer, players and a data base - more that I had  expected. Comfortable, easy to handle and value for money." Author:karldavid1975, October 2006, rating of editorial staff, October 2006, users' rating, October 2006, average users' rating, October 2006, rating of editorial staff


How professional DJs judges e-mix...

"thus where should I begin: The e-mix mp1200 control panel is simply only doozy! This unit includes all important DJ functions which a DJ equipment needs. Furthermore the e-mix control panel suits in every table (rack) and is therefore space-saving. Particularly mentioned, is the easy and simple use of the console. Each function is deliberated in the best way and facilitates the work of a DJs enormously. Also the light elements are very good, therefore no extra rack light is needed, which only disturbs. And not to forget the master PFL, with it it is able to pre-listening the track before playing and mixing. This function still not saw with other console! With this cannot keep up other DJ consoles." "Conclusion: the e-mix mp1200 control panel is really a very succed DJ product of the extra class. Simply only recommendable."

Benjamin Slawjan (Professional DJ), November 2007 Norway\Germany


"You folks have a winner with your E-Mix product! I recently downloaded your software. After installing and using it for 5 minutes, I went online to your website and purchased the license for the Home Edition. I have had it and used it none stop of 2 days now...and I have not been able to get the word out faster. The best feature of the E-Mix software is it's lack of features!! There are not too many places to get lost in the program. This products does exactly what you need. Find the music, load the music, and play the music. The fact that E-Mix designers took the time to write a simple but extremely useful interface is simply wonderful. There is not one button or area of the user interface that is wasted. PERFECT!.... Once again, Great Job!!! I can't wait to see the next update."

Frank Wilt (Washington Entertainment Technologies), USA, November 2006


"e-mix mixing system has convinced me, because it's an all-in-one solution providing anything I need at a reasonable price"

Robert Légardier, Paris Dezember 2005


"e-mix mixing system facilitates my DJ life enormously. I am more mobile, have to carry less equipment and can mix my music much more comfortable",

Andreas Birnstiel, Zurich November 2004


"I am a DJ of the new generation, a MP3 freak. For me e-mix mixing system is exactly the right one - at a fair price."

Ivan Ghia, Frankfurt Dezember 2004 


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