Our successful cooperations

We are proud to maintain a strategic partnership with the university of applied sciences of Lucerne.
The Swiss Competence Center for Embedded Software stands open to interested parties. This unique, technologically neutral platform does thematically focus on Embedded Systems in buildings`environment.
Main aims are: relationship networking, contacts, enhancing of cooperations and shared innovation projects and moreover the execution of associates`events,  symposia and expositions.

For further information, please refer to www.ceesar.ch

Marelcom AG was founded in 1995 with two divisions: Relais and electronic components and assemblies. They are specialized on anything which is in relationship with operating, switching and displaying. Thanks to its team of experts Marelcom AG is able to offer, construct and implement all-in-one solutions.

Marelcom organises the entire production process of e-mix mp1200 panel and executes many logistic activities.

For further information, please refer to www.marelcom.ch


Basis06 implements ambitious projects in the sector of information logistics, advices and supports customers in conceptions, development and integration of solutions concerning data warehouse, business intelligence, process orientated provisioning of information and product information management. Basis06 implements and services the e-mix-website and holds the host.

For further information, please refer to www.basis06.com

Brack Electronics inc. was founded in 1994 and has become one of the leading dealers of electronics in Switzerland. The company sells brand products and entire systems of high quality. According to their guideline “A bit better anywhere” Brack Electronics inc. disposes of a huge range of products sold off-the-shell and in the web shop. For the Swiss market Brack Electronics inc. is our trustful committed distributor.

For further information please refer to www.brack.ch


OFFSHORE Music Entertainment Switzerland is a label & publishing company whose focus is on electronic, dance and popular music. The label is powered by some of the leading music producers and writers in Europe.

Most basic aim is to generate and promote good music in various styles, act as a platform for new talent and cooperate with other companies to build mutually beneficial business relationships with the aforementioned credo in mind.

Offshore Music Entertainment was founded by Andy Prinz in Spring 2004 with the help of Angelo Bott & Michael Geiseler. Since then, the label has made many achievements in the international music business, especially in the EDM scene. Numerous productions have found their way onto highly acclaimed compilations by the likes of Ministry of Sound, Sony-BMG, Warner Music or Avex Japan. Since the beginning of 2006, Offshore Music entered a strategic alliance with the Swiss label Sonic Content focusing on exploitation of artist and compilation albums through Sonic Content's Swiss sales and distribution Partner EMI Music Switzerland.

For further information, please refer to www.offshore-music.com


D4 Business Center Lucerne is a unique facility whose sole purpose is to facilitate every aspect of business. Every facet of business life is orchestrated in one place, which creates an ambiance where creativity and innovation are allowed to flourish. Powerful networks and a conducive environment foster productivity and efficiency.

For further information please refer to www.d4center.ch


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