e-mix DJ Software

e-mix Pro Edition

e-mix Pro Edition Black Skin

e-mix Pro Edition Black Glass Skin

The e-mix DJ Software offers all functions for professional mixing. The program can be controlled by one of the common MIDI controllers or easily by mouse. The software is free.

A list of the supported MIDI devices can be found here.

The user manual can be downloaded here.

Product Comparison

Feature Pro
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 support x
Free Updates x
Audio and Video playback x
Supports all major formats (DirectShow) x
Player 2
Monitorplayer 1
Jingleplayer 12
Playlist x
Database x
Automix x
Effects x
Equalizer x
Mixer x
Recorder x
Ripper x
Wave and Beatgrid View x
Video support x
Navigator x
Multilanguage x
Skin support x
MIDI Controller support x
mp1200 Console support x

Detailed Product Comparison

Player Pro
Play / Pause / Stop / Cue / Cue Play x
Seek x
Loop x
Additional Cuepoint 3
Pitch / Master Tempo (Key Lock) x
Pitchbend x
Scratch x
Auto BPM / Manual BPM / Tap BPM x
Auto Cue x
Normalisation x

Jingle Player Pro
Play / Stop / Cue Play x
Loop Jingles x
Adjustable Volume x
Load and Save Jinglelists x

Playlist Pro
Load and Save Lists x
Import and Export Lists x
Autoplay x
Playlist Repeat / Shuffle x

Database Pro
Groups and Lists x
Automatic Lists x
Import and Export Lists x
Metainfo Editor x
Store Loops, Cues and BPM in Database x
Quick Search (Incremental Find) x
Show Cover support x
iTunes Integration x
Track Analysis x
Load and Save Databases x

Automix Pro
Tempo Synchronization x
Automatic Fade-In/Out x
Automatic Beat Synchronization x

Effects Pro
Sound Effects x
Vinyl Effect (Brake / Start) x
Loop Effect x
Reverse Effect x

Equalizer Pro
3 Band Equalizer and Gain per Channel x
Kill-EQ Effect x
10 Band Master Equalizer (6dB/12dB) x
Master out Limiter / Compressor x
Load and Save EQ-Settings x

Mixer Pro
Master Volume x
Channel Volume x
Crossfader x
Configurable Crossfader Presets x
Pre-Fade Listen per Channel x
Fader-Start x
Mic Input x
Additional Virtual Inputs x

Wave and Beatgrid View Pro
Wave Overview x
Beatgrid View x
Beatgrid Zoom x

Skin Pro
Controller Skin x
Basic Skin x
Change List Colour x
Controller Skin hideable x

Video Pro
Play Videos x
Adjust Frame Rate x
Multi-Monitor support x
Mix Videos x
Transition Effects x
Show Logo / Background Images x
Show Metainfo / Cover art x

Audio Input/Output Pro
Multiple Soundcard support x
Direct Sound support x
Kernel Streaming support x
WASAPI support x
ASIO 2.0 support x
External Inputs x